TOTAL running inspiration

WHAT a photo 🙂

This was taken at last month’s New Delhi Marathon, and if ever you wanted an illustration as to why runners are the best – well, here you go!

The lady in the centre is Neelu Panag Khanna, & she is between 2 legends of the Delhi running community, the stars of long-distance running, Mamta and Meenal.

Let Neelu take up the story, in her own words, below the photo…

“When you hit the wall & you hit it hard.

Not a great pic to share but it’s more than a poor pic of me.
It’s about women supporting each other in odds.
Holding hands, not one but from both sides and making sure you reach your goal.
It’s about selfless friendship, sacrificing your own Sunday run and much more.
Most importantly being there…knowing v.well that you’d be dragging a dead meat.

And it’s a promise that next time I will make you proud for what you gave up for me.”

I love every single sentiment expressed by Neelu.

Every.  Single.  Thing.

This is just such a powerful image.

Hugs to 3 amazing friends 🙂

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