Sometimes it’s good to look back…

In this funny ol’ journey called running, there are moments when you really do need to stop, look back and take stock.

Which is exactly what I did yesterday.

This week, thanks to those handy Facebook reminders, I learned that 4 years ago I ran my first ever 10k.

I remember that day so clearly.


An unthinkable distance, a huge challenge, both physically and mentally, and oh my goodness me, the subsequent pride at having completed 10k.

Fast forward 4 years and yes, 10k is still a very respectable challenge – I just ran a 10k race 2 weeks ago, in fact – but it is no longer a distance that scares me.

I’d be showing off if I were to say 10k is my “normal” daily distance, but it almost is.

When I go for my run in my local park, it’s 1.8km there & back = 3.6k.  One round of the park is about 5 1/2K so without much effort, yes, an-almost-10k has become a regular distance.  One I tackle slowly & pottering-ly, but as I said, I’m no longer scared by it.

So yes, it is good to stop & look back occasionally.

Which is by way of a long lead-in for yesterday’s “looking-back” session.

We were a small group yesterday, for our tempo run, but boy were the standards high.

A cracking pace was set by Navi, & I had to battle to keep up, succumbing to a wave of nausea 120 metres before the agreed distance.

But by and large I did manage to keep up, nausea notwithstanding.

Then we planked.

I’m still pretty bad at planking, but I can do it.

Sort of.

There were a few admonitions of “lower” and “bottom down” yesterday, but I can at least hold a plank, something I could not do a year ago.

Which is why, when I flailed around like a beached whale while my companions effortlessly did super cool yoga asanas, I tried to keep the faith.

Above we have young Ripu, in his first run after injuring himself, and (below) the one and only Navi.

If I can now run 10k without worrying…

If I can hold a plank for more than a minute…

Then yes, one day, perhaps I, too, will be able to do cool things like this…

Rachna makes it look so easy.

So, instead of fretting about what lies ahead/what is still to be achieved/what seems impossible, sometimes it’s OK to look back.

End of sermon 🙂

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