Summer time and the running is lazy

It is the beginning of March and here in Delhi, where I live, the winter has well & truly given way to spring-borderline-summer.  Mornings & evenings are still pleasantly cool, but the days are hotting up, all adding to the summer holiday mood I am now in.

Let me explain.

The North Indian running calendar – well, my calendar at least – is very winter-centric.

There are an increasing number of races throughout the year, in line with the growing popularity of running in India, but I stick with just a few of the big races, which all take place between late November – late February.

In the 3 months from late Nov 2017 to end February 2018, for example, I ran 2 halfs and 2 fulls.  Small wonder that, having run 2 full marathons in the space of 5 weeks, this week seems like the beginning of the long summer hols when I was a child…no pressure, only fun times ahead…

It was in this holiday spirit that I went for a slow, gentle run in my local biodiversity park.

No training schedule in mind, just pottering along, enjoying myself.  Which is why I run in the first place.

The park was deliciously cool and deliciously empty as the sun rose, and I got to run past more peacocks than you could shake a stick at.

Gorgeous creatures, all their plumage in place, and I look forward to seeing these lovely fellas dance their hearts out in a few weeks, as they do every year.

I rounded a bend on the track and ran smack dab into this flock of multicoloured women 🙂

Wow, I told them, you look amazing.

Hoots of laughter all round.

Where are you all going ?

To do a puja (a religious ceremony).

Where?  At the little shrine down there, I asked, waving in the general direction of a little temple inside the park, back down the track.

Yes, they all agreed.

Is it a special day, I asked?

Here, come over here, was the reply, as a young woman who had been at the back of the group came forward.

She’s the daughter in law, one woman said, as though that explained everything.

Which it sort of did.

I guess they were all off to do a puja because she’s just become the “the daughter in law” or possibly isn’t getting pregnant, but whatever it was, with cheery “bye byes” (in English, please note) off they trotted at a heck of a clip.

This morning’s slow amble round the park – 15km worth, all the same – was a refreshing reminder of why I enjoy running so much.

There is a wonderful running life beyond races 🙂

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