And the award for the best marathon sign goes to…

Pause, while I open the envelope…

(Oscar fever?  Moi?)

Well, actually, why ever not?!

And the Oscar theme also allows me to explain to my dear friend Sushant why I waited 2 whole weeks before posting this 😛

Sushant recently ran a full marathon – here, let him tell you himself:

“I ran my second full marathon this weekend, on a cool, overcast day in lovely Austin, Texas! But my awesome wife stole the show with her sign-making and cheerleading skills, with an Austin website featuring her on their site!”

Here’s Megha holding up That Sign.

And here’s the link to the website 🙂

What a great team you two are!

Congrats, Sushant for the marathon.

And congrats to Megha for possibly outshining him 😛

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  • Aww, LOVE this, Christine!!!! Was off FB for a couple of days, and what a fun surprise to see this!!!! Thank you – we’re honored to be featured!! 🙂 Megha, check it out! Much love to you, Christine!!!

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