After this morning’s event, to mark International Womens Day, I could not give a bigger compliment to anyone than “you get out there & run like a girl!” 🙂

Girls, teenagers, women in shorts, even women in saris, participants in the 3km, 5km, 10km races – we were a big happy crowd this Sunday morning, for Coach Ravinder Singh’s annual event.

And lots of us were wearing Coach’s super cool psychedelic T shirts, I might add.

WHAT a fun morning it was.

Track, loos, marshaling, nutrition – everything was spot on.

Many of the (male) stalwarts of the NCR running community came to pace and encourage and chivvy us along, which was great fun.

Like so 🙂

Look at the interplay in the photo between Poonam, in her final dash to the finish line, & her pacer, the kind & gentle Navi Singh.

Talk about the spirit of running.

I was lucky enough to run for a kilometre or so with the talented Tarun Walecha, at exactly the moment my energy levels were dipping, and he talked to me and gave me advice about listening to music – he thinks I shouldn’t, by the way, and should rather listen to my own breathing, and thus master control over my otherwise erratic pace.  According to Tarun, my brain is focusing more on the music than on the rhythm of my running.  Makes total sense.

Such kindness & it has given me pause for thought.

The official photos are not yet online, so this bunch of happy, smiling faces come from Facebook posts.  All cheekily swiped 😛


Loved the fact that so many young girls took part – encouraging!

I saw some lovely moments.

A mother arriving with her twin daughters, all 3 of them wearing matching Ts and bibs.

A Sikh father walking alongside his wee little daughter who was running.

It was heartening to see so many girls out exercising, and the mother-and-daughter combos were very special.

My best moments?

Seeing Shakti Khanna run 10k in a sari.  Definitely.

Here’s her finish line moment!

A HUGE thank you to the organisers of an event which I think is very important.  It provides a safe, happy, encouraging platform for women and girls – especially for new runners and people who are, perhaps, a little hesitant about running.

We should all #runlikeagirl !!

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