Poetry in motion

One of the most cerebral runners I know is the infrequently-glimpsed Vinay Nagyal.

Actually, let me clarify that statement.

I’m sure loads of people glimpse Vinay a lot, but I only seem to see him in the dark of a pre-race holding area, or as we run past each in a race, him ahead, me trailing.

Which was the case last Sunday.

4am in the holding area before the New Delhi Marathon & I was feeling a bit tense.  Couldn’t find my pacer and there was no water.

A voice greets me in the dark & wishes me well.

Vinay it was.

I told him that I expected some poetry after the marathon, because that’s what this man does.  He writes with a rare degree of lyricism, in this day of instant Facebook updates.

Next time I saw – yes, indeed, the next time I “glimpsed” Vinay – was on Raj Path.

He was heading back, after our 2nd loop, and I was just starting down Raj Path.  That means Vinay was probably a good 7km ahead of me, which makes sense as he finished almost an hour faster than I did.  I called out, but he was in deep, meditative mode.  Eyes fixed a little distance ahead on the road, and not looking to left and right.

That is a skill I have still to learn.

As is the art of writing race poetry, like this.

I give you Mr. Nagyals’ post marathon thoughts… 🙂

“reliving the experience of NDM 2018…..

• what?!! 04:30 is helluva time for a marathon on a sunday!!
• ha ha…plenty of us fools at the line up this year again.
• an international run delayed by 5 minutes by sachin fans? when will indians get over cricket?! 
• wow, this early spring samal flowers fragrance along lodhi road again.
• armstrong’s la vie en rose and ISCON’s krishna das on a meditative run in the dark. nice…
• brr..the pre-dawn cold; these green barbets, pied cuckoos and black drongos got up early!
• the hamstrings have begun to complain about the high cadence. time to open stride and use quads.
• crossed the wall…ah yes…. the endorphins have begun to hit the spot.
• hard to maintain pace in these last 5 kms; shouldn’t have had that beer last night.
• shut up, its a mind game. smile and act cool for the race pic.
• ufff the pain. what a great run. when’s the next one? 


Thank you, my friend.

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