Train. Drill. Repeat. Recalibrate

It was a fab morning workout with my ASICS tribe this morning, as we got back into serious workout mode.

Actually, why did I say “got back”?

We always train hard, but I think I sort of lost my way, these last few weeks.

First, the Mumbai Marathon took over my life and my thoughts and my focus, and then in the 4 weeks since Mumbai, it’s been nothing but long distance training for next week’s New Delhi Marathon.

Agreed – 2 marathons in 5 weeks is a little bonkers, and I’m aware that I’ve been focussing on distance, rather than enjoying the training and drilling.

So this morning was a great reminder of how much I enjoy training with my ASICS Running Club.


Warm up lap, which was a slow run around the perimeter of Delhi’s Nehru Park.

Warm up drills.

Then we all did 15 x hill reps which were tiring, no doubt about it, but not crushingly, agonisingly exhausting the way they used to be last year, when we started.

Signs of progress…

After the hill reps, a cool down lap and then a series of exercises under the watchful eye of Mr. Lenin, whose statue graces the park.

As well as “surya namaskar”, led here by Sonali, these exercises included the dreaded plank.

Actually, you know what, planks are not quite as dreaded nor dreadful as a year ago.  I can’t honestly say I enjoy planks, nor am I any good at them, but I can at least hold one for a minute without collapsing, which is very definite progress.

So yes, signs of progress Mark II…

Dunno why, & it’s difficult to explain, but this morning felt like a back-to-where-I-belong kinda morning.  Recalibrated.

Chit chat, good work out, laughs but lots of work.

Meet my tribe.

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