999 days of daily running

Over the past 999 days, I have shared with you on many occasions the daily running photo taken by my friend, the unstoppable, super low-key, super unassuming Harminder Singh.

Harminder & I both did the first edition of the #100daysofrunning challenge.  The only difference is that Harminder did not stop at the end of those 100 days.

Yesterday was his 999th day of daily running.

Day 999 of running every day, come sun, come cold, come rain, come the birth of his son, come travel, come running marathons…unbelievable!

Yesterday was a miserably cold, rainy, windy day here in Delhi and yet the dedicated Mr. Singh (who OF COURSE ran the full marathon in Mumbai just 2 days earlier) put in his daily miles.

Harminder, my dear friend, you are beyond an inspiration!

Fabulous achievement, and I can’t wait to share your 1000th photo, later on today 🙂 🙂 🙂

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