Repeat after me: ”Do not panic, do not panic, do not…”

I sat down at my iPad, with the camera somehow left on, and will you just take a look at my view.


The Mumbai Marathon route in the morning paper, where obviously I left it, tossed aside in a bout of panicky “Oh my goodness me, what have I let myself in for?”

But panic will get me nowhere I fully realise, so let’s take a deep breath and see what’s changed since last year in this, India’s most iconic marathon.

Not too much for we full marathoners, it would appear.

Even the organisers describe the changes as “fag-end route” changes.

Quite frankly, for a rank amateur like yours very truly, the logistics of the last 700 metres are not my concern right now.  Covering the preceding 41.5km will be the challenge 😛

Glad there are loads of loos and water stations, and since I know that so many lovely Mumbaikers will be out in strength, cheering us on, I guess I’m as set as I’m ever going to be.

Now what I need is lots of positive vibes, from all you lovely people.



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