Behind every great sports photo…

Behind every great sports photo…

…is a talented & dedicated photographer.

We all love those trophy photos, don’t we?

Those action shots, the photos showing us in action, in triumph, even, tellingly, sometimes in pain and exhaustion.

We shoot out a breezy “thanks” on Facebook, as we happily share the photo, making it our profile or our Instagram post that day.

Guilty as charged.

But there’s a lot of talent and unseen hard work and behind-the-scenes effort that goes into capturing our running moments, and so I thought I’d chat with one of Delhi’s best-known sports photographers, the young, talented Ajit Kumar Srivastava, aka Sports Photography in India, and see how things are from the other side of the camera lens.

Oh, & before I forget, here’s a link to Ajit’s Instagram handle.

Over lunch we chatted about this, that & t’other and I came away absolutely exhausted at the long list of accomplishments this young man has – he’s a professional graphic designer, he’s a trained artist with a special fondness for charcoal work, and, of course, Ajit is a professional sports photographer.

When I asked him how he manages to fit so much into a day, he replied, quite simply, “There are 24 hours, and 7 day in a week, and I work 24/7.”

Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

I am from Hazaribagh, a very small town in Jharkand.  Coming from such a small town, buying such heavy and expensive equipment, like a camera and lenses was a real struggle for me. But today I am a sports photographer and a graphic designer.  

How long have you been a professional photographer?

More than 6 Years.

And why sports photography?

Because I like emotions and actions & I am also a sportsperson.  (Oh, yes, add playing football to the list of things this young man manages to fit into a week!)

Ajit covers several sports – running, cycling, swimming, football and wrestling, and says that swimming & football are 2 of his favourites to photograph.

When I asked him what makes a good sports photo, the answer was crisp and to the point – “action, angles, and composition.”

I hope I’ve never taken any of our devoted sports photographers for granted…I think I always thank them for the photos they take.

But now I have even more respect for their work.

Because, as Ajit explained, once our “work” is done, once our race is run, he then has hours & hours of work ahead of him, editing & watermarking & uploading all the hundreds of images taken.

Thanks, my friend, for chatting and for taking us behind the scenes.


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