A new take on “Running up that hill…”

“Running up that hill”, the iconic Kate Bush number that is a fixture on my running playlist was much on my mind this cold and foggy morning at our ASICS Running Club.

Coach Vijay made us do some fun new drills this morning, including his variation on the Kate Bush song.  This drill is called jumping up that hill 🙂

Like so.  One of our group, Sunil Punshi, who skilfully takes great, candid photos with his mobile even as he runs & trains & stretches, took a super fun slo-mo video of some of us (yours truly included) “jumping up that hill.”

I added the intro music to Ms Bush’s song, and voilĂ .


Don’t you just love the stray dog, sitting coolly in the middle of us all, as we bounce past him?!


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