What did you see on your Xmas day run? Cuteness alert!!

One of my running friends and a regular contributor to this blog is Harminder Singh, who did the first #100daysofrunning challenge – and never stopped.  He is currently at day 970 of non-stop running.  Quite.

Harminder is a running machine.  The day after a full marathon, when the likes of me are feebly tottering along, Harminder goes out and runs.

As well as being a running machine, he is also the proud father of little Harnoor Singh.

Yesterday was Christmas Day and also Gurupurab, a major Sikh religious day, and so, says Harminder: “Yesterday we took him to Church and Gurudwara like this. And then I had my run pending, so I took him to the park near my house.”

Firstly, how lovely is this, taking a little baby Sikh to church? Love the cultural fusion.

And secondly, just look at how darling Hanoor looks, dressed up as Santa.

Did you see anything cuter in your life?

Harminder, thanks for sharing these cute photos & #keeprunning #keepinspiring.


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