Where to run with deer in London

On a recent rip to London I went for a run in Richmond Park, and what a joy.  The park is huge and super well-maintained, with places to park, eat and drink, with clean loos, good running and cycling trails.

Everything a runner’s heart could desire.

But what prompted me to post this today, Boxing Day, is that there are red deer & fallow deer roaming free in the park, so you can have your very own Rudolph moment 🙂

They are pretty unbothered by humans so you can get quite close, though obviously they should not be touched – doubt they’d let you.

I was a tourist in London that day, and it showed, as I ooh-ed and aah-ed every time I saw deer, unlike the regulars like this man (below)!

It is super exciting to see wild critters up so close and personal:

Total Rudolph moment 🙂

Thoroughly recommend at least one walk/run/cycle ride through Richmond Park – not only for the deer, but also for the lovely views over London.

Safe, clean.

And here’s my track log:

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