Now THIS is what the spirit of running is all about

Sunday last – 6 days ago – many of us in Delhi ran the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, a race that had been the subject of much anguish and controversy, almost, in the weeks preceding it.

The air pollution in Delhi was so bad that there were demands by the Indian Medical Association, inter alias, to cancel the race.  As it happened, the weather gods played ball, and though the AQI was far from perfect on the day, it was hugely better than in the lead up, and so the race took place, and a jolly good time was had by (almost) all.

Social media erupted in the hours and days after the race, most of us flaunting PBs and medals – in my case, sadly, I flaunted the latter but most definitely not the former 🙁

So, yes.  A huge, jolly, euphoric social media frenzy took place, all of us happy to have run, & even happier that the dreaded air pollution had not wrecked things for us.

And then there was this news from Beejal Dhawan, one of Delhi NCR’s most popular runners (& certainly the girl with the loveliest smile around, that’s for sure).

On Sunday evening, Beejal posted an update on Facebook and, with the permission of the people involved, I’m sharing this amazing & super-inspirational story here for all of us to enjoy.  And even get a little teary-eyed about…

Here is Beejal’s dramatic account of her half marathon.

It’s in her own words, because what earthly point is there in re-writing such a dramatic & well-written story?

Talk about high on nail-biting events and high on the amazing kindness of Beejal’s young man.  Now let’s hear the other side of the story, shall we?

Meet Angad Subarna, a young man with a huge heart and huge class.

Now how great is this young man?

What I especially loved in all this was that Beejal, amongst all the thanks for Angad’s decency, congratulated his parents for raising such a fine young man 🙂

See what I mean about a teary-eyed post?

Other than the fact that 2 people felt very unwell on Sunday, this is (if you get my drift) a total feel-good story.

A story of grit.

A story of compassion.

And a story that gives one hope.

Let’s salute the spirit of running!

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