What did you see on your run today? #324 comes from Wales & is amazing!

Almost telepathically, the evening before I run the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon tomorrow, the girl who got me into running 4 years ago, the lovely Kathakoli Dasgupta, sent me some photos she took on her run today in Wales.

Katha now lives in England, but this post comes from the Welsh town of Machynlleth (NO idea how to pronounce this!).

As Katha ran in the rain – ah yes, British weather – she saw an amazing sight.  To wit:

She takes up the story.

“As I was running back to our hotel by the clock tower, I noticed a funny mannequin.  A closer look revealed these gems.

Reminded me of a scene from Great Expectations!

It’s apparently done as a community charity project.  Lovely, isn’t it?”

Quite amazing, and possibly, if you were leaving the pub late at night – borderline scary!

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