And the Delhi half marathon is on!

I suppose we all knew, deep down, that an event as high profile as the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, scheduled for next Sunday – the 19th November – would always take place.

Guess there is just too much money tied up in such an event, to cancel it at such short notice, despite the terrible air pollution here.

Sure, I’m relieved that ADHM (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon) is taking place, because I love running this race.

BUT – I’m also terrified, because I am so under-trained it’s not funny.  I feel like a student panicking before exams.

The long hot summer of regular training, diligently turning up in what always seemed to be 150% humidity, gosh, those days seem like a lifetime ago.  In the important lead-up to the race, I travelled almost all of September, & therefore broke my training routine and then – wham – we all got sideswiped by the vile pollution smothering Delhi.

I haven’t run once since a rather ill-advised training session on Tuesday and there is only a week to go, and the pollution is still foul.

This is my ‘hood, updated an hour ago.  Down from a sickening 999 a couple of days ago, but still hazardous.

So, yes, whether it is foolish to run the half next Sunday is a moot point, but what is sure is that I haven’t run once since I cut short my training on Tuesday.

Obviously I’m breathing this foul air, just by dint of living here.

But I guess I haven’t specifically damaged my lungs any further by running.

The mere fact of living in Delhi is damage enough.

I can’t even bear to contemplate the word “tapering” (that thing we are all supposed to do in a structured manner, pre-race) because effectively I’ve been tapering since Tuesday, and I’m sure that is not how it is supposed to happen.

One day I’m doing a fab long run in the forest, feeling vaguely in control of my training.

The next day, felled by toxic air.

That’s not how tapering works.

Trying not to stress and panic here…

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