What’s on your running playlist? “SWEET DREAMS” by Eurythmics

Good Lord, how on earth did I not already have this on my playlist?

Seriously 😛

Thank God for friends like Preeti Sethi Chima who, as a fitness instructor, knows her way round motivating music.

Like “Sweet dreams”.


See, I knew you’d ask!

bpm=125 & so I’ve put this song towards the start of my playlist, when I need to be energised and run but perhaps not that fast, as we all jostle our way out of the stadium, and I try to control my pace, which I am hopeless at.

So this good, steady but not-too-fast rhythm is perfect.

And if you, too, are wondering why on earth this isn’t already on your playlist – here you go.  The link to buy it.

You’re welcome.

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