What’s on your running playlist? “MONY MONY”

It’s now officially countdown time to the Delhi half marathon on 19 November, so in order to persuade myself that I am getting ready, I’m tweaking my trusty old playlist.

Kind of running version of displacement activity 😛

I love my current playlist, but I also love adding new songs, and doing so gives me a reassuring sense of purpose.

I might not be pounding the streets, but I am adding/removing songs on iTunes.  And that’s almost the same thing, right?!

Today, one of my girlfriends, the terrifyingly fit Preeti Sethi Chima, shared a great song online, and I have NO idea why it wasn’t already on my playlist.

Thanks, Preeti, and here you go, everyone –  Billy Idol singing “Mony Mony”

Great track, nice beat – 135bpm.  Checked it for you.

I’m nice like that.

And if you, too, want to add it to your playlist, couldn’t be easier – here you go.  Link to iTunes.

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