Having a Chariots of Fire moment

Having a Chariots of Fire moment

After feeling miserable yesterday, thanks to a muscle strain, today saw me all happy and  smiley, for our Sunday LSD.  Tell ya, doesn’t take much to make me happy!  Just good running form.

We did part of the same route through the forest around Malcha Mahal as last Sunday, including a chukker of the polo ground, where Ram filmed us.

When you smile with happiness at seeing your own running video, then you know…what?  Addicted?  Guess so!

When I saw this, I thought “Ooh, our very own Chariots of Fire” moment, but on reflection, it isn’t really Chariots-of-Fire-y at all, because they weren’t filmed in slow-mo like we were, and we weren’t on a beach like they were, just a soggy, being-watered polo field.

But since the opening of Chariots of Fire is just about THE most iconic running sequence ever, here you are.

Love this so much, and I saw the movie when it was released, which was about 30 years before I even thought about running, and yet this sequence always stuck with me.

Enjoy 🙂

Now…I know you’re going to ask the same question as I just did, namely “Where on earth is that fabulous beach?”

Here you go:

“St Andrews West Sands is located on the eastern coastline of the Kingdom of Fife. Famous for the opening scenes of the film Chariots of Fire, West Sands extends for almost 2 miles of uninterrupted sand backed with dunes and the world-renowned golf course.”

You are most welcome.

Back to our run this morning.  A good LSD (Long Slow Distance) with some of my ASICS tribe, which saw us running on the road, in a forest, on a polo field, & in a park, as we clocked a nice steady 18km, which we followed up with lots of stretching (see yesterday’s weeping and wailing about not stretching)

Here’s the total track log:

And here’s the detail of the most interesting bit – the forest and the “haunted” Malcha Mahal.  I shared the sad story about the ruined so-called haunted Mahal with you last week, and the link is above.  But here it is again 🙂

So worth getting up at 4am for…


  1. Brilliant Christine Pemberton, as always 🙂
    It is such a pleasure to read your work.
    This one gave me a good movie to re-watch today and and and, made me miss all of you so much more
    Sending you some love from Gandhinagar

    Deeksha Gahlaut

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