What’s on your running playlist?  “GIRL ON FIRE”

What’s on your running playlist? “GIRL ON FIRE”

One of the stalwarts of my ASICS running group is Navi Singh, the kind of renaissance runner who manages to combine running and music, product reviews and music, Facebook comments and music… 🙂

Yesterday, a group of us did a tempo workout together and Navi commented on our splits on Facebook with a kind “this girl is on fire” comment (here’s hoping the fire lasts till our half marathon!) and then promptly added a link to the Alicia Keys song.

Hearing it in the context of a good run made me smile out loud – hey!! you know exactly what I mean by that – sitting at my computer with a happy grin on my face, that’s what…anyway, a great song was promptly added to my running playlist.

With uplifting lyrics like these, which you feel you can apply to running a race, you really can’t go wrong:

And, now you really want that track on your playlist, too, dontcha?

Here you go!

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