“You have to be realistic…”

“You have to be realistic…”

Sobering words from Coach Vijay this morning after our interval training.

On a day when my confidence was already having a major wobble, the words “You have to be realistic” definitely made me stop & think.

Coach had told me at the start of the session that I had to stick to a pace of 6km tops, if I have any hope of a sub 2 in the upcoming half marathon.  Which is in exactly 27 days.

When I saw that I couldn’t even maintain this pace for 4 lousy kilometres, well, I guess his words of caution were fully deserved.

And so, with the clock ticking down remorselessly to 19 November and ADHM – the big flagship half marathon here in Delhi – I had to face facts this morning, namely that I almost certainly won’t be breaking any barriers this time round.

Meltdown aside, it was a good session, as ever.

Warm up, drills, then (for my group) 4 x 1km intervals on the “hills” of Nehru Park, followed by a cool down jog and some rather desultory stretching.

BUT – quick drumroll – I did actually do a couple of short planks, all by myself.

Slowly slowly getting there ūüėõ

If I did a tag cloud of words nervously overheard during this morning’s total¬†meltdown¬†whoops, I mean running club meet, my tag cloud would look something like this…

27 days   ADHM   pace   sub 2   full marathon in January   PB   pace   Airbnb   planks  stretch   faster   6 rounds   fast   race pace   next week   LSD   flat out   race pace   flights   Mumbai   hey! congrats   flight   10k   calculate   pace   pace


Today it was all about pace pace pace.

That was the mantra today & it is my weakest area.  Cannot judge pace.  Cannot maintain a pace.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, there are still 27 days to go.

And according to Mr. Google, there are a zillion things you can achieve in 27 days, some of them quite inspiring.

Like so:

I’m not fussed about the 1691 Reddit visits.

Wouldn’t mind launching a million dollar business, though.

But my fave thing that I can potentially achieve in 27 days is this!!!

That HAS to be a sign, right?¬† For a plank-hater like me, this HAS to be a sign ūüėõ

And here’s my tribe, bless ’em.


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