And the panic – sorry – countdown, officially begins

And the panic – sorry – countdown, officially begins

Today it is October 19th.

It’s Diwali, so “Diwali Mubarak”, world, and have yourselves a safe and happy festival.

But I’m not here to chat about Diwali, lovely as that would be.

I am here to panic.  Sorry, sorry, sorry, I mean I’m here to countdown.

Today is October 19th.

The Delhi half marathon is on November 19th.

SO…that means there is only a month to go, and I am beyond out of condition, out of shape, under trained, not ready…yes, yes, I AM officially panicking and having a bit of a meltdown, because OMG there’s only a month to go, and…sorry?…what were you saying?

Oh yes.

Take a deeeeeep breath, and calm down.

And then try to remember your British stiff upper lip.

And then remember you are a senior citizen, running for fun in her dotage.



Didn’t work.


I may be old.

I may “just” be a fun runner.

But I want to do well, having discovered very late in life just how competitive I am, beneath all that “I’m-just-doing-this-for-fun” façade 😛


31 days to go.

When I Googled “31 days to go” trying to get a suitable image for you, there were a zillion “31 days to build a better blog…31 days to declutter your life…31 days to do this, that or the other…” so perhaps all is not lost after all.

Perhaps I can effect a turn around in 31 days.

31 days to get half-marathon-fit.

Watch. This.  Space.


  1. Seriously? You took this long to realize how competitive you were? My hand therapist says I am competitive even in the way I use the therapy tools to pick up the ridiculous little foam squares and put them in the bucket…..

    Eden Brown
    1. Eden, truly, I would never have described myself as competitive. Yet you’re the second person in as many days to make that same comment, so clearly I have no degree of self-awareness at all. You, on the other hand…and not making a bad pun there, by the way!


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