Hong Kong beach running

Holidaying with a friend who lives in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, there was only one logical place to go running – on that beautiful beach.

End September – early October meant the weather was hot and humid, even early in the morning, so my runs were short-ish and slow.

The beach at Repulse Bay is a delight.

Spotlessly clean, free public loos and showers at every turn, rubbish bins, lifeguards, plenty of parking (not that I needed it) and, for people travelling there, loads of buses.

The whole toot.

On the days I ran barefoot, I simply left my shoes and socks at the base of one of the lifeguard lookout posts, ran, and then collected them after I was done.

When I needed a loo, there it was.

For the record, I live in New Delhi, where access to a loo is a constant, desperate challenge, and then finding a clean one is a near impossibility.  So Repulse Bay was a delight in that respect.

At the end of the beach there is a great Buddhist temple, where I paid a visit each time I ran.  I know that slowing down and taking photos isn’t a great thing if you’re training, but this was holiday running, don’t forget.  AND there is a little bridge in the temple complex which, if you cross it, gives you 3 extra days of life, so obviously I had to trot over it several times on every run 😛

Super like.


AND…if you fancy a post run coffee –  and who doesn’t? – there is THE best coffee shop in Hong Kong right there, just a couple of metres from the beach.  Here, this is my review of The Coffee Academics.

So, yes, pretty fab place to run 🙂

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