When runners clean up their world

Due to travel, I missed what was clearly a great event here in Delhi, when runners ran for cleanliness and THEN walked the talk – well, technically they ran the talk, I s’pose, but I can’t get it to rhyme 😛

What this means is that runners cleaned up after themselves, removing all the water bottles, banana peel and the other inevitable detritus that sadly follows a race.

Thus it was that lots of my ASICS Running Club tribe turned up in central Delhi one Sunday, about 10 days ago, and helped tidy the place up.

Since the issue of garbage is one that makes my blood boil, this is a cause dear to my heart – and so, having missed it, I did the next best thing, and got my running mate Navi Singh to write an account of the evnt for us.

Now, if you remember, Navi has guest-blogged before for us.  And such epic posts, too.

Navi is the man who introduced music to a review of running shoes 🙂

Navi is the man who didn’t give me one favourite song for my regular Q&A session, but a huge list of great running tracks  🙂 (note to self – have to continue featuring his recommendations…)

So it will come as NO surprise that Navi’s account of a running event includes music and, a new departure, food 🙂 🙂

Clearly Navi is going to have to be persuaded to have his own permanent column here in this blog!!

So, are you all ready for running and community service and music and food?

OK, then, let’s hand this blog over to the man himself, Navi Singh:


Vishal Sethi a very dear friend of mine (needless to say a runner, too) is CEO of an amazing NGO, called Keep India Beautiful (KIB)

KIB organized the second edition of “Run to Clean 2017” in partnership with New Delhi Municipal Corporation, whose area comprises much of the territory described as Lutyen’s Delhi.

I and others from the running fraternity were part of the first edition, too.

When Vishal updated me about the second edition, I was sure in my heart that this year the running community would have a much more stronger and involved presence. And for sure, a strong presence by ASICS Running Club was there in support for a noble cause of cleaner environment and surroundings.


Community Participation was the theme of this cleanliness drive, and volunteers from many NGOs, runners/fitness freaks from all over Delhi, & students from many schools and universities participated in this event.

To start with, it seemed like a lazy morning at 6 am but by 6:45 am around 1500 participants gathered to run for a cause…Run to keep their surroundings clean because there is no other planet to run to. Soon that beautiful morning got filled with lots of positivity and awesome energy levels, all ready to paint the town YELLOW (the colour of beautiful T-shirts by KIB) as we witness during a Rock Concert.

It all started with a very interesting street play on cleanliness which pricked everyone’s conscience, regarding keeping their surroundings clean apart from making everyone laugh so much because of humorous sarcasm. After that “CrossFit Robust” team came up with an interesting workout which made everyone huff and puff, and realize why CrossFit is considered so tough in fitness parlours.

Now it was time for running, taking loops of inner circle of Connaught Place which was out of bound for vehicular traffic during the duration of the event. ASICS team in full force and excitement, led the school kids of all ages, one by one in true spirit of running, covering distance ranging from 2km to 10km.

At the end came the most important part…the Cleanliness Drive.

All the participants wore biodegradable garbage backpacks and gloves, and started cleaning the running path and in no time all the inner circle area got cleaned with loads of trash in garbage bags. After the cleaning process was complete, all the participants dumped the garbage in a nearby dump yard. The garbage bag packs, were saved for re-usage.

Interns of KIB and students were honoured with medals at the end of the event. News channel NDTV and Radio FM Fever 104 covered the event live.

Our celebrity Runners Megha, Anjana, Rachna, Deepti were interviewed by NDTV (women power was on overdrive that day)

Normally after events such as these, we witness leftover waste paper cups, plastic bottles, banana peels and even more filth.

But here at the end, one couldn’t find any garbage at the venue, even though the place hosted around 1500 people.

The event was free of charge for all and hydration support and refreshments were there for all the participants. It was a fun filled event which was more of a carnival with awesome energy levels throughout the event.

Since we were in CP, we all planed to visit Arihant Puri wala at Daryaganj. There was slight reluctance initially, but finally 15 cars headed for the mission Puri, Halwa and lassi. And what a delight it was.

First thing we ordered were lip-smacking beedmi Puri, Setafal sabzi, aalu Subzi (made without onions and garlic).Then came Nagoori Puri with Sweet halwa.

Finally topping it up with sweet lassi. A few of us were visiting the place for the first time and were hesitant, and we were the ones hogging the maximum.

Not to forget our blizzard runner Ripu Daman who, after running a half marathon at Dwarka, drove all the way across the city to join us.

Faith got restored…the ”Run To Clean” event proved that people really want to work for cleanliness, their surroundings and environment if they are guided and given a platform

Let’s keep on Running to Clean our surroundings instead of running away from our responsibilities for a WONDERFUL WORLD.

Navi ends this brilliant write up with a closing song recommendation –  “i’m Alive by the lovely Céline Dion 🙂

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