When a kick up the backside is needed!

Not so long ago, I shared with you here in this blog, the story of one of my running mates, Deepinderr Singh Bindra, who lost an incredible 90kg through running and is now an accomplished half-marathoner and a super-fit, super-happy runner.

10 days ago, Deepinderr ran a half-marathon here in the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) and was disappointed by his own performance.

In his usual, candid & very entertaining way he shares his thoughts & emotions with us here, on a HM that didn’t go at all according to plan.

Here you are.

From the heart & in his own words.

I give you Deepinderr.

Dwarka Half Marathon – my experience.

Sometimes when one is riding on a crest wave of applause & adulation, all you need sometimes is a good kick on the back, so that you come back on the ground.

Well, this run was that.


Post my 100 days of running, I had got this smug feeling of being such an accomplished runner who ran 800kms in the 100 days challenge & stood among top five in my city.

Life was good.

Lost more weight, fitted into size 30 jeans & was quite smug in my own world.

This smugness got me to a point where I declared very pompously in my running group to attempt shaving off all the extra 17 minutes from my present best timing of 2:17 & attempt to do a 2:00 or even a sub 2.

Told Shshank my coach to give me a pacer who was an accomplished runner to pace me.

Voila! Rituparno came on the scene. Very magnanimously offered his services to this great cause 😛

I don’t know what was going in my mind that time, but I had already prepared an acceptance speech in my mind, thanking my pacer & my coach for my splendid performance, post this run.

How foolish I was & totally separated from reality.

Sub 2 in a half marathon is no joke, especially when you have started just a couple years ago, actually in the winter of 2015.  My first ADHM timing was 3:17 minutes.

Yes, I have improved & come a long way now, slashing almost an hour in less than 2 years, but still age too is not on my side. At 52 years, the body needs more recovery time, more training & subsequently more patience.

But as they say, sometimes you run with your legs & sometimes you run with your heart. Well…my heart was set on the magical figure of 2:00 & there was nothing which could deter me from my goal, however foolhardy it seemed at that time.

Me & Rituparno (my pacer) in consultation with Coach Shshank had divided this run into 4 parts of 5km each, of 27 to 30 minutes, & kept the last km as a sprint which I had to do to finish this half marathon.

The first 5 kms were well within 30 minutes, followed by the next 5 kms or actually at 10.55kms in 1:04 hours. Till this time I was actually in control of my pace required for a 2:00 hour finish.

However in the third quarter, I began to falter and was at 1:44 at the end of 16.1 kms.

I barely stopped all this time, but tiredness & fatigue swept over the entire body. By this time the sun was literally over our heads, & heat together with excessive humidity began to take its toll.

My pacer kept on egging me, even to the extend mouthing the famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan from the movie Chak De India: ” yeh 70 minutes tumse koi nahain le sakta “…changing conveniently into “yeh last ke 7 kms ki fight hai Sunny (my nickname)…this is your moment…seize it …live it …& make it your own …” phew !

All dialogues gone to waste as Sunny at that moment could not be Sunny Deol or even Sunny Leone …lol

Suddenly the 2:10 bus which was till now behind me all this time, dashed ahead.

Whatever hopes I had of doing at least a sub 2:10 also vanished now.

The only thing to look forward to now was a PB if all it happened. But I guess it was not my day that day.

I had to learn a lesson, so yes the final figure at the end came to 2:19 despite doing a sprint for the last 500 meters to the finish line.

Lesson learnt in all humility – respect the distance, respect the timing & above all respect your coach & listen to him during your training & long runs.

But guys …this Sardar is not done yet & although I may have faltered in this race, as the famous last dialogue by Scarlet O’Hara in ” Gone with the Wind” goes ..”After all tomorrow is another day !”

My friend, it takes huge courage to share the disappointments so candidly and I thank you for this.

Too often, social media and blogs like this celebrate only the accomplishments, ignoring the setbacks which are all part of the learning curve.

So, once again, shabash for being so frank & also so funny –  you really do tell a dramatic story! –  and, you know what, shabash on running a 2:19 in what I understand was horrible humidity.

More power to you, Deepinderr 🙂

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