When women runners take over Paris

Late Sunday morning & we get on the metro in Paris.

On the platform is a young woman in running gear, pink T-shirt & a garland of (artificial) flowers round her neck – like one of those Hawaiian “leis”.

Then another girl.

Then another woman.

Then another.

And another.

Then a whole group in turquoise Ts and garlands.

And when we got on the train, we couldn’t move for women in running gear.

And so I asked.


Sunday was, we learned, the day of La Parisienne – a 5km race for women, around some of the most iconic monuments in Paris.

One young girl told me there were 40,000 women running.

What fun! Most of th women had garlands, most had a rose as well, plus their medals.

Another runner tod me that it wasnt specifically a breast-cancer awareness event, like the Pinkathon in India, but was more aimed at getting women to exercise and start running.

All I can say is, the metro was a sea of colour and flowers 🙂



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