“Christine! There are no Himalayas in Delhi!”

Ouch, Coach.


There was I, thinking I was doing those (hated) planks SO perfectly, but apparently not…my bottom was sticking clearly up 😛

But at least we were lying down for the planks, after a crazy hectic session of interval training in killer humidity.  Having never trained and drilled before during a Delhi summer, since I always used to run alone, it seems as though it has been hot and humid forever, but anyway, it’s all good for the soul.

I hope.

We were a nice big group this morning, even before we knew there was cake for Abhay’s birthday!

We ran our warm-up lap outside the sports complex for a change, because the track was wet after all the rain yesterday, then moved inside for drills:


Today’s main bill of fare was interval training and it was a funny old session for me.

I ran one lap without my glasses, because they kept steaming up with the humidity, but felt too insecure without them, so put them back on & kept trying to wipe them with an increasingly sweaty T shirt.

As one does.

I also have a slight hamstring strain in one leg, so that slowed me down.

Yeah, you’re right #excuses.

After about 4 or 5 rounds I was ready to give up, just too damn knackered to continue.

Then Coach came up with yet another of his sayings 🙂

One of the girls had slowed down to a walk, and he was explaining why that’s not a good idea – better to run even slower than walk, but definitely keep running, since otherwise one gets into the habit of walking.

Guilty as charged.

I then said something to the effect of “Even though you know it’s wrong, sometimes you’re so exhausted that your brain just tells you to walk”.

Quick as a flash, Coach retorted “Then switch off your brain and your GPS.”

I continued on my laps, thinking about this, and for once disagreed with Coach Vijay.  It was actually my brain that kept me going today, telling me “you’ve done 6…over half way there…now 7…only 3 to go…”

And once I knew I could do my 10 laps, without once slowing down to a walk, it was relatively easy to keep going.

I wasn’t very fast, but I’m quite pleased, given the hamstring ache.

My lap timings equated to the following speeds:

5.59 min per km (minus my glasses, remember)








5.54 (hmm…what happened here?)


So, all in all, quite chuffed.

After this we planked – and I tried to imitate a Himalayan peak instead of a flat profile 😛

Then we did some new stretches:

Coach showing how it’s done.

While the others were doing yoga asanas, Navi & I were clowning around for the camera. We called this our Facebook asana!

More yoga asanas, some done to perfection by my fellow runners, like young Megha here:

And Coach:

And then there was yours truly, making a dog’s breakfast of it all.

You can see Narain looking askance at me, bless him…

…and then he kindly corrected my terrible position.  That bottom again 😛

Joking aside, another great session with – as ever – great learnings.

Clearly, I can no longer ignore the siren call of yoga.

Just gotta start.

Hopefully it will loosen up my ageing joints and make me able to touch my toes, the way I could years ago…

New challenge, then.  To get supple.

And here’s my lovely tribe.

Smiling away, even without cake!

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