Why do you run? “I can’t live without running”

This morning, during our ASICS Running Club fartlek session, I ran for a while with one of the most accomplished and probably THE most low-key member of our group, the quiet, self-effacing Ram Singh Bhujel.
It’s always a pleasure to run with Ram, because though he is super fast (scarily so!) he always, always, always slows down to my pace and runs gently alongside.
I saw this a few weeks ago when he ran alongside me for 14km in the rain, when we were all running in the forest at Sanjay Van.  He must’ve been chomping at the bit to run faster, but he stuck with me, bless him.
A considerate runner, in other words.  And a great team mate.
And now, here is, Q&A-ing with us, in his trademark low-key style 🙂
Q Why do you run? 
A Running is a feel good factor for me. I can’t live without running.
Q When did you start running? 
A I started running at the age of 7 years. Running ADHM since 2009  
Q  Morning/evening runner? 
A Morning only
Q  With or without music? 
A Without music. My music is chatting with my fellow runners. 
(Editor – awww.  What a sweet response)
Q  Next running goal ?
A My goal is 80 minutes for ADHM and sub 3 for Marathon.
At this point your editor faints in shock.
80 minute half marathon.
Sub 3 full.
Ye gods!  Those timings!
And here is the super-speedy-gonzales himself in action.
Thanks my friend, and #keeprunning #keepinspiring
And, who knows, if I keep trotting alongside yRam, perhaps some of his speed will rub off on me 😛


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