How does it feel to run every day for 100 days?

Today our #100daysofrunning challenge comes to a close, and to every single person who ran during these hot, humid, monsoon-y months from 29 April to today, 6 August, you/we are all pretty darn fantastic, though I say so myself.

I have my own thoughts and emotions at the conclusion of my 3rd time of running the #100daysofrunning challenge, and I’ll blog about that later.

For now, though, the blog is in the very capable hands of a very happy, ebullient guest blogger – Deepinderr Singh Bindra whom you all met here a few days ago.  Here you go, this is the link to a short promotional video about Deepinderr, & another to a recent Q&A with him.

With no further ado – let’s hear the thoughts and emotions of one very happy man!  This is one very special post, I warn you 🙂

#100daysofrunning #day100 #run from Gurgaon to India Gate, New Delhi.

What a journey it has been! Thanks to my Coach Shshank Pundir & fellow teammates for pushing me to run a distance I have done today.

I am today a mixed bag of emotions.

Happy to have completed this challenge which till just last year I used to only see only other people do it & discuss it on social media, & also sad that I finally bid adieu to a routine which I had very painstakingly & meticulously followed for the last 100days.

Time to introspect.

What have I gained out of this challenge ?

Firstly that I could actually push myself towards a dare & also conquer it, fear of being unsuccessful be dammed ! Running two kms is not a big deal, any runner would tell you. But to do it daily & consistently over almost three & a half months is a commitment one needs to adhere to. Never thought I had it in me to go this far.

Secondly once I was on this challenge, I did not just want to survive it, but actually be on the top of this game. So I would consistently run more than the required 2 kms everyday & keep following the leaderboard chart of my city Gurgaon. Yes, I profess I am guilty of being extremely competitive sometimes & occasionally be even somewhat jealous of my fellow runners who superseded me & took a lead over me in the daily rankings.

But I guess we all are guilty of this sometime or the other, not to mention the fact that all my competitors were exceptionally good runners in this competition & almost half my age too. But have I ever acted my age ? …lol …no …if I did, I wouldn’t be doing all these challenges I am doing now, would I ?

Yes another good thing about this challenge is that I finally managed to come to waist 32 from the almost 34 inches which I had since the last few months & now I weigh 70kgs (& once in a day typically after the weekend long run, I actually weighed 69kgs on my bathroom scale)

So I am eventually a happy contented runner today….for how long …don’t know myself! Ok but today is the time to clink a few glasses & raise a toast !!

Cheers !!!! 

SUCH a lovely post my friend, but you need to explain to me how you lost weight – sadly, I did the exact opposite 🙁

AND, by the way, when you mention, with some regret, the coming to a close of the routine you established for daily running…well…have you met Harminder Singh?  He started running every day for out first challenge AND STILL HASN’T STOPPED!!

So, Deepinderr, there is nothing that says that tomorrow can’t be Day 101 !!

But for now, my friend, shabash and enjoy that drink tonight!  Cheers to you and to everyone who ran for 100 days,


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