Why do you run? “I run to be healthy and happy”

Today we are Q&A-ing with Dilawer Khan, a Jammu-based runner whom I first met at the finish line of ADHM last year.

We chatted, we took a selfie I seem to remember, and then we each got taken up by the lovely, happy post-race crowds, the euphoria, the hugs & congrats – and that was that.

Thanks to Facebook, we chatted and Dilawer has contributed photos to the blog, and then we met up at registration for the Mumbai marathon in January this year, but we’ve never actually had time to stop and talk about motivation & goals & other lofty subjects.

So I decided to Q him, and he very kindly accepted to A 😛

Let’s listen to Dilawer:

Q Why do you run?

A I started with no specific purpose but only after some time I felt like as if it was running which was missing from my life…now I can say I run to be healthy and happy (there’s no run you regret) it’s turning out to be my passion now 😛

Q When did you start running?

A It was the summer of 2015, inspired by a friend who wasn’t much into sports and finished a HM.  With a few weeks of practice I finished my first official race  -the ADHM’15 (2:08)

(Editor – wow!)

Q Morning/evening runner?

A I prefer mornings though I run in the evenings and some times late nights (thanks to 100 days of running)

Q With or without music?

A I run without music (won’t mind trying it in future )

Q Next running goal ?

A Long term : to run injury free and be an ultra runner.
Short term : finish ADHM’17 in 105 minutes (wish me luck)


So much in such succinct replies…“there’s no run you regret”…true true true.  That’s one of the joys of running, isn’t it?

Er – excuse me, my friend –  you did your first half marathon in 2:08 after just a few weeks of training?  Seriously? Jeepers, man! 🙂

And as for those running goals – to become an ultra runner and, in the short term, a super-fast half this November.  Feel quite breathless just thinking about it all!

And here’s the man himself, looking super-composed at the finish line.

#keeprunning #keepinspiring my friend, and see you in November!

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