Counting down to the next marathon

And so, with an ever-so-slightly racing heart and just-a-little-sweaty palms, I clicked on the link to register for the Mumbai Marathon in January 2018 this morning, an hour after registration opened.

Pre-race nerves, 171 days early?

You betcha.

Really, Christine?!

‘fraid so.

Whatever it is, the flutter of anticipation and the sense of excitement is well and truly in place.

I think part of the nervousness comes from the fact that I never, ever took part in any sporting competition or event in my childhood…teenage years…young adulthood…middle age…nothing at all, until I hit 60, started running as a bucket list tick, and am now well and truly addicted.

So all those years of never-experienced pent-up nerves and jitters are now having a field day 😛

Anyway, the deed is done.

Rs2000 committed.

Now to book flights and accommodation.

Oh yes, and to train, train, train.

Even though I have run 4 marathons thus far, all of ’em nice and s-l-o-w, I do not underestimate the stamina required to run 42.195km in the heat and humidity.

There is time – 171 days – to get myself marathon-fit, and so I shall head out for my run today with a little more mental fortitude than usual.

I even did some planks, alone, without being forced to, so that shows how serious I am, right?!



And, let’s not deny it, I am super-encouraged by the message Haile Gebrselassie sent me 🙂

So, there we are.

Wonderful Mumbai & me.

For the next 171 days…


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