What is it like to run in 99% humidity?

I’ll let a photo from our ASICS Running Club training session this morning answer that question:

Balbir expressing what all of us felt, this humid morning.

I’m not exaggerating with the 99% claim, by the way.

Here, screen shots at 5am when I got up, clearly showing 99%…



Today was interval training, and if there was one leitmotiv running through our session it was hydration, hydration and yet more hydration…

I’m always amazed at how happy and smiley everyone looks…though actually, why on earth am I saying that?  I know how good I feel after a run, so why should I be the least bit surprised when everyone else looks all blissed-out too – humidity notwithstanding:

Despite the weather, everyone ran super strong intervals (yours truly included, if it doesn’t sound too arrogant) and we all seem to be getting increasingly more self-reliant.

Meaning that although Coach Vijay is omni-present, as a group we set off together, wait for each other, re-set off together.  We don’t necessarily need hand-holding all the time.

There’s definitely a good team spirit building up.

See what I mean about smiling, both above & below?!

We did 3 x 1 minute planks and then several sets of side planks, with Vijay working on his approach of freeing us from our reliance on watches and GPS’s by not counting down at all during one set of side planks…so we all held it, and then he suddenly said “Finished” to our surprise.

We hadn’t fretted about the time.

This was not the only time today that Coach suggested we should start learning to free ourselves from the tyranny of constantly checking our watches and GPS’s and rather listen to our body.  He quoted the great Haile Gebrselassie who apparently said that he listened to the breathing of the people around him to judge how he was doing in a race.

(Coach, have I got that right, or did I butcher your remark?)

Sort of makes sense.

I’m going to give it a try, I think.  Worry less about what my Garmin says and concentrate more on how I feel and how my body feels.

Watch this space 😛

It’s good, I think, to reflect sometimes on how one is feeling while running, rather than just relying on a gadget…

We wrapped up an amazing session with our traditional group photo:

But my photo of the day is this.  Such a cute photo of our husband & wife team of Vidya and Narain.

A great morning.

Draining, humid, but great.


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