What’s on your running playlist? “X-Ta Sí, X-Ta No”

What’s on your running playlist? “X-Ta Sí, X-Ta No”

I have my running mate Navi Singh to thank for this song, this singer, the whole kit & caboodle.

In a recent Q&A for this blog Navi said & I quote, “This song really kicks my cadence

X-tasi by Chimo Bayo.”
Anything that can kick my cadence is definitely welcome, so I checked Navi’s recco out.
One quick Google search later & I have brought myself (somewhat) up to date on a musician that I had honestly never heard of.  One of the hidden benefits of running, you see, is that you get to increase your music repertoire.
Here’s a YouTube link to this song:

I’ve already downloaded this track (& am now expecting great results in the cadence department 😛 )

If you’d like to download it, too, here you go.  An iTunes link.

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