Why do you run? “It’s music that got me into running”

Today we are Q&A-ing with Navi Singh, a friend from the ASICS Running Club, who memorably wrote THE most fab product review of the ASICS Nimbus which became almost a love-song to a great David Bowie track – here’s that link, too to the music that inspires Navi to run.

You are going to enjoy this Q&A with a difference, I guarantee.

Q Why do you run?

A I was never a sportsperson in school time.

Running came by default.
It’s music that got me into running.
In the good’ol 70’s, I by default used to hear LP records of Bee Gees, Cat Stevens, Bony M, ABBA.
My aunt got her green card around ’82 and every year she used to visit USA and brought FM recorded cassette Bruce, Jackson, Madonna,Turner…
By this time I was addicted to music.
I did not have a hifi system at home, and Walkman was the closest thing to it, and while listening to Walkman, then Discman, I started running in the evenings around 94-95. This was my time alone with music and running.
Q When did you start running?
A In 2011 I started running with morning run groups and training for half marathon.
Q Morning/evening runner? and 
Q With or without music?
A Since last 2 years I’m always running in the morning with company, the music runs have stopped.
Miss them though.
Q Next running goal ?
A It’s been almost 20 years + of running.
My goal would be to run for next 40 years, but happy/enjoyable running without the stress of timing (with friends or with music).
And NOW comes the icing on the cake – Navi does not choose one track.  No way!  Just look at the lovely list, which we can now start exploring, one track at a time… 🙂
Q What is your favourite running track?
A It would be difficult to pick one favourite running track, but a few on the top of list:
Sussudio – Phill Collins
Brick in the wall – Pink Floyd
Billy Jean – Jackson
Money for Nothing – Dire Strait’s
Walk this way – Run DMC + Aerosmith
Road to hell  – Chris Rea
Boom Boom pow  – Black Eyed Peas
Pour Some Sugar on me – Def Leppard
Everybody wants to rule the world – Tears for fear
Disappear – Inxs
The power  – Snap
Relax don’t do it – Franky goes to Hollywood
Subabria – Pet shop Boys
To name a few
But this song really kicks my cadence
X-tasi – Chimo Bayo.
Navi, my friend, a HUGE thank you for yet another epic blog post.
And thanks, as well, for introducing me to Chimo Bayo, who is a discovery.
#keeprunning #keepinspiring


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