Reviewing the Newton Kismet II

Reviewing the Newton Kismet II

One of my young running friends, Deeksha Gahlaut, has just written a product review for us.

Like me, Deeksha was one of the winners of a pair of Newton running shoes in a lucky draw held here in Delhi in March.

You all remember Deeksha, right?

She just ran 30km, all on her own, in Gujarat, and shared her experience & feelings at covering her longest distance to date, in a recent guest post.

This time round, she has her reviewer’s hat on, as she appraises the Newton Kismet II she won (& which I see she wore for her 30km 🙂 )



REVIEW: 0 to 200 kms courtesy NEWTON

Back in March this year, I won a pair of NEWTON KISMET II (by the Super Sikh group)

Now, I had never heard of the company before the contest and later after spending ample amount of time on the internet, I was enlightened about this awesome shoe (and the company). Newton is huge on the international arena, especially the track teams of various organisation and countries. The shoe is unique with its Action/Reaction Technology.

Here is the link for all the technical aspects of the shoe

I have logged in more than 200kms in these beauties in less than two months. I have tested them over different terrains, different running drills (tempo run, hill training and long runs) and kilometres.

And undoubtedly, it has emerged a clear (and comfortable) winner in all the categories. The best experiences in these shoes are the long runs and half marathons.

Usually, after about 12-15kms of running on the road, the foot (especially the mid-section) starts to feel the strain and thus, results in slowing one down. However, the added 5-lug P.O.P 2 platform and Action/Reaction technology in the midfoot and heel, makes it super comfortable and one can feel a sensation of a little push with each step. Moreover, the stability of the shoes has helped me with my foot strike and with the swing (inward) of my legs while running.

The shoes are comfortable for those long runs and excellent for running half marathons (or full, although I haven’t touched that milestone, YET) or any distance for that matter.

It is difficult to feel tired while running in them.

Try them!

Thanks Deeksha, and as I mentioned in my own review there was no pressure whatsoever from Newton to review or even publicise their product.

These reviews are from the heart.

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