What’s on your running playlist? SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

We were just Q&A-ing with Deepinderr Singh Bindra, who said that although he doesn’t listen to music whilst running, were he to, it would be Saturday Night Fever.

Sound man.

Am a HUGE Bee Gees fan, and already have several of their tracks on my own playlist, but nom excuse is needed to sit back and enjoy the classic “Staying Alive.”

The clothes πŸ™‚

The disco πŸ™‚

The clothes, again πŸ™‚

The hair πŸ™‚

Oh, it’s all too fab for those of us who were young (*young-ish in my case) in the 70s.


Now go on, admit it, you really want “Staying Alive” on your playlist, don’t you?

Never fear. Β Help is at hand!

These links should take you straight to the iTunes store & disco heaven.

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