An amazing inspirational running journey

A couple of weekends ago, lots of the Delhi running community gathered in Sanjay Van (a large forest in south Delhi) to run a half marathon organised by the Delhi Runners Group.  It’s always a fun event, filled with friends, and there’s lots of chatting, along with the running.

I’ve already shared with you how, during that rain-drenched run, I met in person someone I knew cyber-ly through Facebook.

(Is cyber-ly even a word?  And if not, why not?!).

That was Suresh Srinivasan, with whom we Q & A-ed the other day.

The other cyber-friend-meeting-for-real was the charming Deepinderr Singh Bindra, whose adventures and updates I’d been following on FB for some time.  But that day we ran and chatted in the rain.

Now what is truly inspiring about this gentleman is his journey from fat to fit.

Hey!  Im not being rude, trust me.

He has just shared a super inspirational video about how running transformed him, his health and his life.

It makes for great viewing and is a salutatory lesson for every single one of us out there who lets him/herself go, and slips gradually into an unhealthy lifestyle

Here you go:

Transformation from 162 to 72kgs..A healthy Mind & Body makes you think positive. Running is one of the basic exercises to be healthy and think positive…Here is the story of Deepinderr Singh Bindra on how he lost the track..Gained weight and then with determination, focus and perseverance at the age of 52 he has transformed back to 72kgs. At Millennium City Marathon we ask people to run and live so that you can inspire many more around you.#Run2Inspire #Live2Inspire #MCM2017 #29thOct2017 #StayHealthy #Transformation #HMCM2017 #म्हारीदौड़ #Run2Inspire #LiveHealthyTravelSmart #29thOct2017 #RegisterNow

Posted by Millennium City Marathon, Gurgaon on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Well done, my friend, firstly for the transformation you have enacted, and secondly for having the courage to share it with the world.

That part where you talk about your blood pressure & sleep apnea are chilling.

And you raise a very important issue when you talk about the reactions of people in the street, looking and judging you.

I think that is THE single most important take-home from your story, Deepinderr, and I hope that anyone who is a little shy or hesitant to go out and run – particularly if its because of their body image – will take courage from you.

90kg my friend.  90 kg.

That is one stupendous achievement, and thank you for sharing it with us.

#keeprunning #keepinspiring

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