What’s on your running playlist? THE HEAT IS ON by Glenn Frey

What’s on your running playlist? THE HEAT IS ON by Glenn Frey

My word, but running a running blog (pun intended) is such fun 🙂

Last Sunday, as you may remember, we had Deeksha Gahlaut from the ASICS Running Club, hitting 30km, her longest run to date, an experience she shared with us here in a guest post

Her “record” lasted but a week…

Yesterday, 2 more friends from the ASICS Running Club quietly & without any fanfare went for a long Sunday run and coolly clocked up 31km.  Hats off to the both of you, Karandeep Singh & Megha Meelu (also a guest blogger here).  This was the longest Megha had ever run.

This, of course, begs the question as to who will hit 32km this coming Sunday 😛


But, more to the point, our resident running music guru, Navi Singh, who has launched a lovely trend of music recommendations, following a brilliant post he wrote here, immediately came up with a song to celebrate the 31km achievement.

“The Heat is on” by Glenn Frey, a song which – goodness knows how – was missing from my own playlist.

What a brilliant song to run to.  Nice length & 150 bpm (beats per minute)

I have immediately added this song to my own playlist, and if any of you feel like doing so, it couldn’t be easier –  here’s the link:


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