Discovering that there’s more to running than just running

Discovering that there’s more to running than just running

This whole running thing just doesn’t stop, does it?

When I started running in September 2013, as a bucket list thingy, I never, ever expected that it would lead me in so many different directions.

And I’m not talking running routes here.

I’m talking metaphorically.

From thinking that just the simple act of “going for a run” would make me fitter – which it has, no doubt about it – running has led me, gradually, to reappraise my overall fitness & my flexibility.


Here’s the thing.

I’m absolutely not a fan of gym and stuff.

I’m sort-of-interested in yoga but haven’t found the right class/the right teacher/and I get a bit put off by all the hype around yoga these days.

So, yes, it’s taken me a while, but this morning was a light-bulb moment.

A group of us from our ASICS Running Club met in Nehru Park to run.  Nothing too dramatic or energetic – just 2 rounds of the park, which is about 5.5km.

So far, so good.

Then, after the run, Bhuwan led us in a brilliant but eye-opening 15 minute high intensity workout, when I realised that I’m stiff, can’t bend, and certainly can’t do that Spiderman kind of exercise where you virtually crawl across the floor.  Well, damp grass in our case.

It’s a bit like the mountain climber exercise, only you’re touching the ground.  Well, everyone else was.  I had my bottom sticking up in the air as I hobbled across inelegantly.

Talk about feeling my age… 🙁

Then there were jump-y things, which I couldn’t do at all.  Now I felt like an ancient monument.

So, what’s the solution?

Get stiffer & less flexible the older I get?

Or deal with it?

Feeling reasonably chuffed that, nevertheless, I managed some of the exercises – I tend to goof off in our regular sessions, but with just 8 of us this morning, it was more difficult to skip exercises…then everyone else started doing yoga poses and headstands and complicated stuff and I sat there, open-mouthed at how fit these runners are.  Like so:

Our birthday boy, Mohinder (below)

Which ever way I looked, these guys were doing amazing things…

Ram showing how it’s done.  Like a boss.

Even Ripu Daman, who’d just flown from San Francisco and ran 11km to prepare for a 25km race he’s doing in Maharashtra this weekend…even this jet-lagged young man was in super stretchy form:


I’m a slow learner, folks.

It’s taken me this long to realise that to be a better runner I need to be more flexible, fitter, stronger – all-round fit, in other words.

Just “going for a run” clearly isn’t enough.

Watch this space.



  1. Just in case you don’t know there is this whole bunch of us who are super inspired by a certain Christine Pemberton! And super chuffed to find a mention in her post.. Do you know her by any chance?

    Ripu Daman Bevli

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