Tempo running after the rain

Tempo running after the rain

Today one of my ASICS Running Club members, the ever cheerful Abhay Kohli, is our guest blogger.

Let me give you some quick background.

Yesterday afternoon/evening/night, there was a back-and-forth discussion on our Whatsapp group about where we should meet for an informal run this morning & what time & what type of run.  By the time I turned in last night, it was 5.30am at Nehru Park but I was unsure what distance we were supposed to be running.

Then our power went and I had a wretched night, hardly slept, and so was a No Show this morning.

Still, as the group’s resident auntie, I’m allowed to boss these youngsters around 😛 and dear Abhay succumbed to my nagging and wrote about this morning’s run.

Seeing all these photos and the joyful post-run chatter on Whatsapp, I silently cursed the powercut all over again.  I clearly missed a great morning.

Right, I give you Abhay Kohli, our guest blogger:

“After much deliberation yesterday and even today morning whether to do an easy long run or a tempo run, we finally decided upon a tempo run led by our super champ runner Navi Singh.

We were blessed with good weather for a run, thanks to overnight rain, so we began with our usual stretching exercises, followed by warm up run of 2k, & then we began our tempo run led by our star, Harry Singh, and pole star, Navi singh.

We completed it at the pace of 5.30 as per the instructions of our coach Vijay Shukla, all thanks to the lovely weather.

(Editor : Yikes! 5.30.  Just as well I didn’t go, then 😛 )

There was also a mention of our regular blogger Christine missing today, and what would happen to our blog!

(Editor.  Again. Awwww.  How sweet y’all are)

Then the usual cool down run of 2k, followed by some yoga and exercises at the yoga sthal with the rest of our ASICS tribe.

Look at you all, planking away

Here me and Harry paaji got to play a quick game of badminton too, and the unbelievable happened after that- Balbir paaji went for another round of run with our ever ready to run Ram Singh Bhujel (who by the way was our official photographer today) managing to run ahead of us time and again and taking pictures.

All in all a perfect start to a lovely day!!”

I do so love my running guys – all that surplus energy to run, literally, the extra mile, like Balbir & Ram… mad fellas, the both of you 🙂

Abhay, m’dear, thanks for this update


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