Drill. Run. Sweat. And repeat

Drill. Run. Sweat. And repeat

Jeepers creepers but it was hot and humid this Saturday morning, as I was reunited with my ASICS Running Club tribe.  It’s a miracle they let me back, the way I’ve been missing sessions… 😛

We met in Nehru Park, our regular Saturday morning hangout, and did another tough session – though between you & me, I suspect it wasn’t actually all that tough for the others, just for your blogger at large.  Last week, when I told Coach that I was off to Himachal for a week, he talked about athletes needing to be consistent in their training, and I got the message…I’m not, and I pay for my sins…

So, yes, back to today.

We stretched and did a warm-up jog and drilled, as we always do at the start of our sessions

Then we did a tempo run.  K-i-l-l-er in the humidity.

But actually, looking at the photos from this morning, everyone else looked pretty darn OK.  I mean, look at Kanwal (below) smiling away as she runs…

And young Deeksha sprinting for glory (below):

Ram (below) is a joy to watch when he runs – he makes it seem so effortless and he has a great, relaxed style.

Foolishly, I thought the tempo run was it.

But no.

Coach “If you are still breathing you’re not done” Vijay had other ideas, and off we went to do a series of hill reps.  Which, if I’m being 100% truthful were not as bad as I feared.  We were told to do 5, but we were all good and did 6.  Talk about crazy runners 🙂

I LOVE the determination on Sunil’s face (below) – sort of sums this group up.

Really love this photo.

Then, just in case we weren’t tired enough, we planked away:

Just look at Ram (below), one of the fastest in our group, looking super cool and relaxed, whilst some of us were groaning in agony…

And here’s Bhuwan (below) also looking as though planks are easy-peasy…

Then we did more exercises – donkey kicks this time.

I Googled this exercise, and see from the Youtube film that the extended leg should be bent.  I think some of us were keeping that leg straight this morning, so I have a question for Coach Vijay – how does the effect of straightening/bending the leg alter the exercise & its efficacy?

Anyway, here we are in action:

The smiles just don’t stop with this group!  Here’s Balbir (below) looking as happy as anything:

Mayank (above & below) in an uncharacteristically serious avatar.  I think he was the one who suggested the donkey kicks, so perhaps that’s why!

Then Deeksha led us in our cool down stretches:

Note to self: bend more, woman!

Lovely morning (yes, truly, despite the whingeing about the weather!) with lots of nice vignettes of the super bunch with whom I run and train:

Then we had our traditional group photo:

And if one image sums up this morning, it’s this one:

Lots & lots of water to try and keep hydrated.

Super fun.

And lots learned – mainly by looking at Coach’s photos and seeing erroneous positions.


      1. Here she goes again…. Don’t let that deceive anyone… She has a very strong pair of legs beneath a super strong head.
        No one completes a full marathon just like that….

        Balbir Singh Gandhi
  1. Dear Christine san, the effect of straightening or bending the leg in the exercise doesn’t play any major role, it’s just a kind of variation which normally people do as per their choice. if we go lil deeper, so bending one is keeps the knee joint stress free, wherein straightening one can put some stress on the knee joint (if we shoot power from heel)

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