A good running mantra  – “no pain, no gain”

A good running mantra – “no pain, no gain”

Today I hand the reins of this blog over to one of my fellow ASICS Running Club members, the gentle and always smiling Dr Balbir S Gandhi.

When I saw photos on our Whatsapp group of a few of my (sweaty 😛 ) tribe members who had run together this morning, I badgered Balbir into writing about it for us.

The group did a tempo run in Nehru Park, at what they said was an easy pace, but knowing these guys – several of whom I ran with on Sunday – their idea of “gentle” is downright tough.

Here, before I hand over to Balbir, is an explanation of what a tempo run is:

A tempo run is a faster-paced workout also known as a lactate-threshold, LT, or threshold run. Tempo pace is often described as “comfortably hard.” Tempo running improves a crucial physiological variable for running success: our metabolic fitness.

(Thank you www.runnersworld.com/tag/tempo-run)

So now you know what the runners were doing,  a “comfortably hard” run, this cruelly hot morning, let Balbir talk to you:

“On a hot and humid Thursday morning, we began our run with the ASICS tribe. Running with a group teaches you discipline and gives you confidence. Every time our feet pound the track, the pooled up stress slides away. Tired legs don’t matter nor does the fatigued brain. Running is our source of energy; our road to self discovery. It doesn’t get easier but we keep until it stops hurting. That is when we know we have won. Running is a way of life. Come and discover the magic yourself with ASICS running club.”

Couldn’t agree more, my friend : “Running is our source of energy, our road to self discovery” – exactly.

Here they are, smiling away as they plank:
And – yaay- a running video.  Not easy to run and film, so well done!
Well done!
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  1. Repeating your mantra during a run helps you keep focus and direct your mind away from negative thoughts and instead toward a positive experience. A good mantra will divert your mind from the pain or discomfort and instead will help you transcend it.

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