Running and helping the world.  Truly.

Running and helping the world. Truly.

Today, the reins of this blog are in the capable hands of the dynamic Gurpreet Wasi, a Delhi-based running friend.

Let me explain.

On Facebook today, Gurpreet shared photos from a brilliant initiative by the Super Sikh runners of Delhi – a great bunch of runners who go way beyond the normal running remit, and engage in lots of charity work, all in line with their philosophy of “One race.  One human race.”

So, today, on June 5th, what did these good folk get up to?

Here, let Gurpreet tell you in her own words:

“June 5th ! World Environment Day !

Around the world people will be planting trees, cleaning up their neighbourhoods and taking action against environmental crimes. The day itself is all about raising awareness about nature and the importance of protecting it.

Specially runners, because our lungs need clean air to fuel our run.

On this day, team #supersikhrun reaffirm our commitment towards a better environment through planting 100 trees till Dec 10 !

Since April 13 #baisakhi this year we have already planted 40 trees and 30 flowering plants through the #supersikhsquad, Maj D P Singh and our other stake holding communities.

Sincere thanks to Taran Mehndi for inspiring and mentoring us on this project 🙏🏽

We urge you to plant a tree 🌲to support #supersikhrun #breathelife #cleanair campaign.

Share your tree planting pics with us 🙏🏽 let’s collectively exceed the target of #100treesDec10

WHAT a great initiative.
Trying to ensure cleaner air for Delhi – which is shockingly polluted – by planting trees.
Well done, my friends, and I wish you well (and your trees, of course!).
We all need to do our bit, we all know that, but not that many of us actually get down to it.
Proud of you all.

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