What did you see on your run today? #308 stars the Statue of Liberty

What did you see on your run today? #308 stars the Statue of Liberty

Well, the French one, that is.

We are in Paris for a couple of days, and so off I happily trotted this morning around my old “quartier”, the part of Paris where I lived many, many moons ago, when I was young & the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

Obviously I went and said “Bonjour” to Madame Liberté.

Here she is, on a pleasantly overcast morning.

Right, now I know that some of you are immediately going to ask “How come there’s a Statue of Liberty in Paris?” so let me answer that question for you right away, with an easy-peasy cut & paste from Wikipedia:

“A notable feature is a quarter scale replica of Liberty Enlightening the World, commonly known as the Statue of Liberty, 22 metres tall and facing west in the direction of its larger sibling in New York City. Inaugurated by President Marie François Sadi Carnot on 4 July 1889, nearly three years after its US counterpart, it was given to the city of Paris by the Parisian community in America to mark the centennial of the French Revolution.”

You’re more than welcome 🙂

I’ve always loved visiting this statue on a little island in the middle of the Seine, and so to run there  today, after years of walking there, was special.

Day 32 of #100daysofrunning

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