Meet the Rocky Balboa of Running Shoes: ASICS Nimbus 19

Meet the Rocky Balboa of Running Shoes: ASICS Nimbus 19

You read that right, I hereby officially nickname the Nimbus 19 as the Rocky Balboa of running shoes, they are tough, they are agile, they can take a hit, and still keep going.

I was gifted the ASICS Nimbus 19 by coach Vijay Shukla at the Asics running club Delhi (yay me!)

60 km down the line, I really want to share my experience and hopefully spread the word about these amazing shoes, which I feel are not famous enough.


Asics being a comparatively new brand to hit the Indian market, doesn’t market enough like the other big players, they believe in their technology, and quality to do the talking, which is way too ethical for the 21st century, no?

(another reason to love the brand #japanesemuch )


I was a little apprehensive about these shoes gifted to me, I didn’t really know what model it was, how it would effect my feet, or my form, but I trusted the coach enough to know that he would set me up with something good.


Subsequently I ran a half marathon event,

Couple of tempo runs on soft ground, tarmac and trails,

Intervals and hill repetitions,

Slow long distance endurance runs,

Basically mostly all drills a runner does in their training schedule.


Here I am on the other side of all the above, in love!

The rocky balboa of running shoes proved,


“ It ain’t about how much you get hit,

It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward,

How much you can take and keep moving forward,

That’s how winning is done!”

The shoe is a winner

On roads, where it gives you enough cushion to counter the tarmac impact,

On trails, it provides you good traction, secures your feet from thorns, nails etc

Personal account ;

My trail run left around 24 ( yes I counted) iron nails in the sole of my shoe, but not one of them reached and injured my foot, my co-runners, cant say the same about them, a lot of them had to stop and remove nails from their shoes, these nails came from the hooves of the horses that use the trails for their rides.

The shoe also has rope traction at the arc, so climb a rope with ease, use it for cross fit, or if you’re planning on becoming the next Bear Grylls!

Light, secure fit, tough upper mesh, airy, stable ride, good for all terrain, easy to wash and clean, and hell good lookin!

The Rocky Balboa of shoes, is probably every runner’s winning shoe.



Note from the ed:

This review was written for us by the young and enthusiastic Megha Meelu, a fellow runner in the Delhi ASICS Running Club.

Thanks so much, Megha, and here’s hoping these shoes power you to new hwights 🙂


  1. Asics are really great. I have been using them since last one year. And don’t wanna change any further to Nike or Adidas. Where does Delhi Asics Running Club operate from? Would like to join them for few sessions in coming weeks.

    Lalit Poddar

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