What did you see on your run today? #293 stars peacocks. And friends. And new shoes.

What did you see on your run today? #293 stars peacocks. And friends. And new shoes.

Seriously, how much can one pack into one short slow run?

Well, if it’s in Delhi, the answer is a whole load of stuff!

I went for a short, slow run this morning, wearing my lovely brand new Newton running shoes, which, excitingly, I won in a lucky draw.

I’ll post a review of the shoes after I’ve run them in, so as to speak, but for now – super happy with them.

So, yes, about this exciting new training method I’ve devised.  I call it The Short Very Slow Run.  Whole new concept, folks. 😛

This v-e-r-y s-l-o-w run is perfectly suited to a hot Delhi morning, when you feel the need to record lots of the elements that make up your run.  Like:

pausing to take #fromwhereistand photos of these lovely shoes – like so:

pausing to take #cowoftheday photos &, in some cases, to avoid the cows that were wandering freely inside the Biodiversity Park:

pausing to watch zillions of peacocks strutting their stuff.

The boys are all now strutting around with their full plumage, and I saw my first fellow of the year, dancing his little heart out this morning.  Such a joy, even though I was quite a distance away from him:

and, best of all, pausing to chat with friends whom you run into, literally, unexpectedly in the park.  Such fun to meet the lovely Parul Sharma (AND to discover that we’re neighbours) and my favourite lil’ nephew Raja Sethi, who is getting fitter & leaner by the day.

So, with so much going on, NOW do you understand why I have created this new concept in running? 😛

The Short Very (Very) Slow Run.

By the way, all those #fromwhereistand & #cowoftheday photos can be found on my Instagram feed.


  1. Was a delite to see this new bio park today in vv thanks to Parul and loved bumpingin to Christine and get some selfies with all 3 of us quick and get going on our run like pros..lol.
    Should have told about the new shoes would have had breakfast party in celebration for them…lucky u.

    Raja Sethi

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