The sheer breath-taking beauty of running

Thanks to Facebook, via my friend Dilawer Khan (last seen collecting our bibs together in Mumbai on Saturday), I discovered this gorgeous video of the start of the half marathon on Sunday.

Thanks to the joys of FB once again, I contacted the photographer Akshay Gurnani, who oh-so-sweetly sent me the link to his video, even though we’ve never met.

God, how I love the kids of today.

SO talented and SO generous, sharing their work with total strangers.

Akshay, this is too lovely…but won’t you please film the start of the full next time round? 🙂

What I love about this film is how it shows you the sheer numbers of people who ran the half marathon.

Enjoy, everyone!

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  • Akshay Gurnani

    Thank you so much for featuring my video Christine, you are too kind!

    I will surely think about covering the full marathon next year 🙂

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