What’s on your running playlist? “I WILL WAIT”

What’s on your running playlist? “I WILL WAIT”

Just scared myself silly by checking out the website for ADHM.  I KNOW it’s only 8 days away, but seeing that date with destiny written down formally, scared the bejeezus out of me.

Totally and utterly unprepared does not even begin to describe things.

So, instead of doing some useful early morning exercises, I think I’ll tweak my running playlist…#displacementactivity

Like sharing another fave on my running playlist.

So, let’s hear it for Mumford & Sons and their song “I will wait”.

The impossibly fast intro always makes me smile, as I try and imagine running at that speed.

Essentially this is a song that makes me feel happy and – yes -uplifted.

If you’d like to add this to your playlist, it couldn’t be easier.  Just click on the link below and…yes, OK, OK, you know what to do.

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