365 days. Let’s hear it for Harminder!!!

The photo says it all.
After 365 days of running every day, including running the day after marathons, including running the day after doing back to back half marathons, including running the day he BECOMES A FIRST TIME FATHER…nothing but nothing has derailed Harminder Singh from his mission of running every day for a year.

And he did it!

Tomorrow he will also run.

We know that, because tomorrow morning, in Nehru Park, Harminder is going to run with many of the Delhi runners who begin this year’s edition of #100daysofrunning.

What a star!

Shabash and well done and congrats (& a big hug to Baby Singh while we’re at it) and, dare I say it….#keeprunning #keepinspiring 😀


  1. Thank you Christine!!! 🙂
    Just couldn’t believe that its done and seems as if it all started yesterday.
    Remembering the count of days was also a big task. 🙂

    Thanks to #100DaysOfRunning challenge from where it all started.

    Thank you again for posting my clicks of the run. 🙂

    Harminder Singh

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