What’s on your running playlist?  VANDE MATARAM

What’s on your running playlist? VANDE MATARAM

I can think of no better day than today, Indian Independence Day, to share with you this favourite song from my running playlist.

“Maa tujhe salaam…”

It’s stirring, I am totally in love with A.R.Rahman’s music, and I love to sing out loud to it as I run – poor Hindi accent notwithstanding.  Embarrassing myself, no doubt, but there you go!

There was one memorable morning a few months ago, when I was running down Raj Path, and had just started huffing and puffing my way up Raisina Hill, towards the police barriers –  and this song came up, on random shuffle, so of course I started singing along.  Cops looked at me as though I were a lunatic.  Red-faced old lady singing an uber patriotic song, off-key.  Must’ve given them sleepless nights…:)

But what a lovely song.

And even though I am not big on flag-waving, I like the visuals to this.  Must have been amazing to co-ordinate and film this video.

If you, too, would like this on your playlist so you, too, can sing along as you run – here you go.  A link to iTunes.  Just click and download.

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